The Grizzly Bear from Colorado took 400 Selfies on a Wildlife Camera

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A black bear from a protected natural area in Boulder, Colorado (USA) has taken around 400 selfies with a wildlife camera, the BBC reported today. The Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) has set up nine motion-activated cameras to monitor and learn about local wildlife species, while minimizing human presence in sensitive habitats.

Local officials report that the motion-activated camera has captured around 580 photos, with the same bear appearing in 400 images from last November.

Most of the other animals in the protected mountain park in Boulder simply pass through, looking for food or a place to rest. But not this bear, who stopped and posed in front of the motion-activated cameras, taking hundreds of “selfies.”

“This animal seemed particularly interested in the cameras and took advantage of the opportunity,” said OSMP spokesperson Phil Jefts. “We have nine motion-activated cameras set up across 18,600 acres of parkland. They’re activated when an animal passes by and take photos or short video clips.”

Bears, birds, foxes, and owls are just some of the animals captured by the camera.

“These cameras help us learn which animals are present in the habitat, what they’re doing throughout the day, week, or even year,” said Christian Nunes, a wildlife ecologist with the OSMP.

The OSMP posted some of the bear’s photos on Twitter, which seemed to delight many of the social media platform’s users, judging from the comments.