STRAY KIDS Bang Chan Profile, Age, Children, Real Name, Background, Net Worth

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Bang Chan is one of the founding members of K-pop boyband Stray Kids and also plays an active role in hip-hop group 3Racha. His real name is Christopher Bahng but his trade name is Bang Chan.

In January 2017 with his fellow 3RACHA trainees, he released their debut mixtape on SoundCloud. As a singer-rapper-dancer-producer-songwriter.


Bang Chan, leader of South Korean boy band Stray Kids and member of hip-hop trio 3RACHA as well as Vocal Racha subunit (comprised of vocalists from Stray Kids), is an accomplished singer, songwriter, rapper, composer and producer.

He’s an easygoing and relaxed individual who enjoys making people smile and revelling in life. This personality shines through in his songs ranging from introspective confessionals to boastful hype tracks.

Some fans of Bangchan have noticed his playful affection for his fellow members and often refers to them as his kids, possibly as an indicator of his caring personality; but more likely this behavior simply reflects him fulfilling the role of an experienced leader and older sibling within such an intimate group.

No matter the state of his personal life, Bangchan remains fully dedicated to his career and that of Stray Kids. In interviews, he has stated his lack of an immediate plans for having children due to an unnecessary distraction that it would create from being so focused on his music work.


Bang Chan has managed to maintain much of his private life hidden from millions of fans, leading them to speculate he may have children; this led to persistent reports by major K-pop news outlets that monitor idol relationships and families that they may exist despite this speculation.

As such, it seems unlikely that singer has any children of his own. Furthermore, he often interacts with members of Stray Kids, often calling them his children in jest; but this could simply be him playing an elder brother role to younger members in his group rather than seeing them as actual offspring.

He is also a popular live streamer, regularly uploading vlogs to YouTube, and contributes as composer, producer, and rapper for some of their singles and albums under their 3RACHA unit name – making him an integral component of their band and helping gain them worldwide popularity.

Real Name

Bang Chan (born Christopher Bang) is the leader and rapping member of K-pop boy group Stray Kids. Born in Australia but raised in Sydney since childhood, he enrolled at Newtown High School of Performing Arts where he took ballet and modern dance classes before going on to compete in sports and music competitions.

In 2017, CB97 participated in JYP Entertainment’s singing survival show Stray Kids as a finalist and then, the following year, made his debut as part of JYP’s nine-member group. As rapper, producer, and composer for most of the band’s songs he is part of 3RACHA with Han Jisung and Changbin using stage name CB97.

He lives with Hannah, has a younger sister named Hannah and owns a dog named Berry. His favorite musicians include Drake and Cristiano Ronaldo. Berry claims to be one of the busiest members of Stray Kids; matching choreography to music editing. Furthermore, Berry produces and writes most of their songs for musical production unit 3RACHA as well as hosting his own YouTube channel where he posts his vlogs.


Long before becoming the leader of Stray Kids, Bang Chan stood alone in a coliseum and sang Australia’s national anthem to an audience of teens and their proud parents. That first taste of stardom left an indelible mark: He desired performing for an audience full of strangers; telling fantastical tales while slaying imaginary dragons; filling theaters with thunderous applause that filled its every corner like thunderbolts.

At JYP Entertainment’s music survival program, he was selected for Stray Kids’ inaugural lineup and since then his influences can be heard in their discography of both confessionals and hype tracks.

Bang Chan holds the longest trainee period with seven years and claims to be one of the busiest members of his group, doing all music editing and matching choreography. A big fan of Gillette, he owns a King Charles Spaniel named Berry as his pet and considers Drake, Cristiano Ronaldo, and his own father his role models. Additionally, Bang Chan can fluently speak both English and Korean languages.

Net Worth

Bang Chan amasses an impressive net worth through not only his music career, but also through lucrative endorsements, public appearances, and various business ventures. His vast repertoire makes him an attractive candidate for high-end brands looking to connect with younger K-pop fans.

He has demonstrated an exceptional entrepreneurial skill by co-founding his own dance studio and producing company. Additionally, his visionary leadership style and exquisite taste has contributed to further increasing earnings.

Stray Kids leader Brian Trapp has been an instrumental component in their musical journey, writing, producing, and composing much of their discography. His acoustic sound and distinctive vocal style has captured the hearts of music enthusiasts everywhere.

He enjoys traveling and animal rights advocacy, preferring sunny days over cloudy ones and devouring chicken dishes. Drake and Versace Eros are his go-to artists; in his free time he enjoys spending it with family and friends as well as keeping Berry, his King Charles Spaniel pet as his pet.