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The social networks are circulating a video that reveals how bad the relationship between the singer and her mother-in-law Montserat Bernabeu was. After it was previously revealed that Shakira had a witch doll on her balcony and was scaring Montserat with it, leading to suspicions of black magic, many defended Pique’s mother and stressed that one should not involve other family members in love problems.

It is said that the former mother-in-law asked the singer to remove the doll from the balcony, which is facing her house, but she refused. In addition, she was listening to songs loudly day and night, which was a problem for Montserat, who lives next door and only shares a wall with her. Part of the public defended Shakira’s former mother-in-law because they were convinced that she was “taking her side” by liking her posts about the song.

However, it has now been revealed why Shakira despises Montserat and it wasn’t just out of the blue that she became so cold towards her. A video surfaced of the singer and the footballer’s mother arguing. At one point Montserat angrily grasped Shakira’s face, to which she abruptly removed her hand. Then her former mother-in-law gritted her teeth, saying: “You have to shut your mouth”. While this was happening, Pique was standing by the side, just watching the argument between his mother and his girl.

Users on social media have uncovered a potential reason for Pike’s mother’s behavior. Apparently, at the red carpet event Zerar didn’t appreciate Shakira’s outfit and was angry about it. “Here’s a video of Shakira without a jacket at the event. At the same event she hugged him and he pulled her hands away from him. He was mad about the dress,” the user wrote, attaching the video.

The video has enraged many people on social media, with comments pouring in.

“Fury, but fury. Imagine someone daring to grab you by the head like this in front of everyone”, “But Pike, who doesn’t react, shameful man”, “What is this, people? What right does this woman have to treat Shakira like this? She doesn’t care what people are watching”, “For weeks she was playing the saint, and now she’s showing her true face. Shame on you, Montserat”, “Who knows how long Shakira has been enduring this”, “There would only be one, only way for someone to grab me by the face like this”, “The whole relationship seems toxic”, “Now I understand why she had the witch’s puppet on the balcony”, these were some of the comments.

Meanwhile, the video of the incident that has just now ended up on the networks is from before, but the exact date is not known. Social media users are angry about the video and they think that Shakira should have left the footballer earlier. Neither of them has spoken out about this video yet.