Nikola Jokić’s Words Echo Across America: The King Will Be Delighted With The Serbian’s Statement!

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LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player, has become the top scorer in the history of the NBA league.

The popular King broke the record of the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who ended his career with 38,387 points.

Lebron scored the basket ten point nine seconds before the end of the third quarter, which broke this incredible record. Nikola Jokić, a two-time NBA MVP, commented on the extraordinary American basketball player’s feat, who is playing his 20th season in the strongest league in the world.

The Serbian spoke with admiration about his older colleague.

“Nobody in the near future will be able to do what LeBron has achieved. The man did not have a peak moment, he has been at the peak for 20 years. There have been no such athletes. He is an idol, someone I admire. He has always been a team leader, an NBA champion, an MVP. I can’t imagine anyone lasting as long as LeBron,” said Jokić.