Everything You Need to Know About Fire Extinguishers Suppliers

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Everything You Need to Know About Fire Extinguishers Suppliers

Fire protection equipment helps extinguish flames, stop their spread, alert occupants to dangerous situations and meet local fire marshal regulations. It also assists facilities in meeting all relevant laws regarding safety regulations.

Handheld and cart-mounted extinguishers come in various sizes. Multipurpose units cover Class A, B and C fires while Class D units target combustible metals.


Fire safety products are essential in safeguarding both people and property from fire hazards. These hand-held devices protect individuals and businesses against fires by using chemical fire extinguishers with various classes to combat different types of flames, making sure everyone stays safe at work or play. When choosing an extinguisher it is essential that it matches your situation accordingly – click here for help with this task.

Airgas offers an assortment of fire extinguishers certified to handle Class A, B, and C fires that are suitable for common fuels like wood and combustible liquids. They also supply Class K extinguishers specifically designed to extinguish fires involving fats or cooking oils.


Airgas Fire Extinguishers, Inc. provides industrial and commercial clients with an expansive selection of fire protection products, including wheeled units. NFPA 10 compliant wheeled units feature high flow rates that project more suppression agent onto flames for quicker knock down; additionally they use agents which are nonconductive, nonvaporous, and leave no residue after evaporation.

These clean agents include 3MTM NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid1, ChemoursTM FM-200TM Fire Suppressant 2, and inert gas solutions. They’re ideal for fighting Class B fires involving flammable gases and liquids as well as cooking oils or fats in Class K fires.

Stanley Supply Online

Fire extinguishers are hand-held fire safety devices designed to protect people and property from fire. Available in various sizes and types, fire extinguishers can be selected based on the type of blaze they fight; dry chemical extinguishers are effective against class A fires while foam extinguishers work best against B and C blazes.

Southland Industrial provides fire safety equipment including extinguishers, security ties, maintenance service tags and fire cabinets that are suitable for warehouses, offices, homes and public assembly areas. Their ABC dry chemical portable units can be used against normal combustibles as well as electrical equipment fires.

Broner Glove & Safety Company

Broner Glove & Safety Company can be found at 1750 Harmon Rd in Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 in the United States. They operate as a distribution service within the Work Clothing Men and Boys industry of Wholesale Trade Nondurable Goods sector.

Broner offers an impressive array of products including fire extinguishers, first aid emergency response equipment, ergonomic assisting tools, eye protection for welding-use protection as well as plant and site safety equipment as well as respiratory and glove testing for respiratory testing services and much more. Furthermore, it also offers services such as plant surveys, transaction analysis and fit testing for added peace of mind.

Feuerschutz Jockel GmbH & Co. KG

The global fire extinguishers market size & share revenue is projected to expand at an impressive compound annual growth rate over the forecast period, thanks to increased construction projects, stringent government safety regulations aimed at avoiding fire outbreaks, and rising use of fire extinguishers in vehicles.

The report profiles key players in the global fire extinguishers market. These include Activar Inc, Amerex Corporation, United Technologies Corporation, Kiddle Fire Systems by United Technologies Corporation, Kosan Crisplant by Fike Corporation Flamestop Australia Pty Ltd Flamestop Corporation Flamestop Corporation Flamestop Australia Pty Ltd Flamestop Corporation Flamestop Australia Pty Ltd Minimax GmbH & Company KG Britannia Fire Ltd JL Industries Inc Ceasefire Industries Pvt. Ltd Desautel SaS.

R.S. Hughes Co. Inc.

Fire extinguisher equipment is an indispensable element of building safety. These devices serve to keep occupants safe while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions caused by fires. Fire extinguishers are especially effective when combined with sprinkler systems.

This company provides industrial supplies, such as tapes and bonding tapes, printers, shipping supplies, adhesives, paints, power tools, abrasives and more to industries and manufacturers in the United States.

R.S. Hughes Co. employees typically earn an annual average income of $52,581. Furthermore, employees have an average tenure of 4.3 years at this company.