BREAKING: FG makes U-turn, offers to raise minimum wage above N60,000

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The Federal Government​ оf Nigeria,​ іn​ an unexpected development, agreed​ tо raise the minimum wage above the initially proposed N60,000.

According​ tо TRIBUNE ONLINE, government officials and labor leaders met​ іn Abuja​ оn Monday night​ tо resolve the national minimum wage dispute and end the nationwide strike. The meeting resulted​ іn​ a decision.

The meeting culminated​ іn the following agreements:

  • The Federal Government under President Bola Tinubu has pledged to raise the national minimum wage to above N60,000.
  • For the following week, the Tripartite Committee will meet every day in order to negotiate a fair national minimum wage.
  • The leaders of Labour have decided to call an immediate meeting to discuss the President’s commitment.
  • Workers won’t face punishment for joining the strike.

As of the time this article was filed, organized labor had not yet replied to the development.