A New Hearing in The Process Against Bryan Walsh on March 1st

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Boston – A trial for Brian Walsh, who is charged by the US authorities with murdering his wife Anna Walsh – an American citizen of Serbian origin, will be held on March 1, it was announced after a court hearing on Thursday.

During the hearing, the lawyers and the judge were in the courtroom, while Wells participated via video link from prison in Dedham. The accused said nothing during the trial. He nodded his head several times.

The prosecutors requested a long hearing – noting that the case was before a grand jury and should be concluded by the end of March.

However, legal representative Bryan Walsh Travis Mayner requested a delay, citing that prosecutors had provided insufficient information on the case.

“We have received almost nothing. Not even a search warrant… There are no basic things that we needed to have.

I am skeptical that everything will be found,” Mayner said. It was agreed that another hearing would be held on March 1. Bryan Walsh will remain in custody without the possibility of bail.

He Claims He Is Not Guilty

Walsh has declared himself not guilty at his first court hearing, when the indictment was read out to him, for the murder of his wife who went missing on the 1st of January 2023 and her body never found.

Bryan is currently incarcerated in the Norfolk county jail and cannot be released on bail.

Bryan Walsh was officially charged on the 18th of January with killing his wife and disposing of her body. The prosecutor read out very disturbing details of the indictment, such as that Walsh had googled on his son’s tablet how to dispose of a body, when a body starts to smell, if it can be identified without teeth and so on.

At the end of the indictment it was stated that Walsh had bought and taken apart a freezer compressor in January

Although Anino’s body was never found, the prosecution claims to have gathered enough biological and other pieces of evidence that point towards Brian Walsh having committed this crime.

Brian was recorded buying cleaning supplies, rags and carpets at a store on January 2nd. He was then seen throwing garbage bags into containers near his mother’s house, from where the waste is taken to a landfill to be disposed of.

He did not report his wife’s disappearance, but instead claimed that on January 1st, due to an emergency situation at work, Ana had to go to Washington. However, the company she worked for called the police when Ana did not show up to work on January 3rd, and only then her husband reported her disappearance.

In his earlier statements, the police noticed a number of inconsistencies, so he was practically in custody from the beginning of the investigation due to suspicion of lying to the police.

Ana and Brian Walsh have three children aged two to six years old and it is still unknown who will gain custody of them.

Ana’s mother, Milanka Ljubičić, who lives in Belgrade, told Glas Amerike that due to her health condition she is not able to take care of the children, but that Ana’s sister Alexandra, who lives in Canada, will try to get custody.