Best Pizza in Chicago

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Chicago may be known for its Italian beef and hot dogs, but this city also boasts some of the country’s finest pizza. From paper-thin Neapolitan slices to crispy Detroit squares and even homemade varieties made with dough that incorporates Old Style beer – Chicago boasts some incredible pizza offerings!

Phil’s Pizza in Bridgeport specializes in serving traditional tavern-style pizza, cut into squares and topped with chunks of fennel sausage or the beloved Chicago combination of beef and giardiniera.

Spacca Napoli

When discussing Chicago pizza, deep dish may be what springs to mind first, but this city offers much more. From Neapolitan-style slices to New York-style options – you’re sure to find plenty of variety here!

Spacca Napoli boasts an exquisite selection of Neapolitan pizzas in the heart of the city, featuring puffy-edged pies served on an exceptional thin crust – delicious treats that can be enjoyed both inside the restaurant and taken away as takeout.

Pequod’s Pizza in Logan Square is another must-try pizza spot. Renowned for their signature caramelized cheese ring baked into their crust, Pequod’s offers pizzas packed with meat, ricotta cheese and giardiniera – and also offers an innovative menu of stuffed pizzas that feature thin crusts glued onto thick dish pizzas for an unforgettable dining experience!

While Uno, Gino’s East, and Lou Malnati’s are popular options for delicious deep dish pizza, there are other outstanding spots worth trying as well. George’s Deep Dish in Edgewater features an original crust inspired by Greek pastry; their whimsical pizza combinations will sure to satisfy traditionalists!

No matter your taste in pizza, Chicago offers something for every palate – from deep dish to thin crust! Plus you can experience something new by trying some New York-style slices!

Original Vito & Nick’s

Chicago pizza conjures images of massive, deep dish slices that tower above heads. But Chicago also offers many other varieties, from New York-style pies to Neapolitan ones and beyond.

Vito and Nick’s is famous for its thin, cracker-like crust – its cheese and sausage pie is truly delicious when done to perfection! But the divey pizzeria offers much more than pies; such as zucchini fries and meatball or sausage burgers for your pleasure.

Pequod’s is another Chicago classic that has earned accolades on multiple “best pizza” lists, making it hard to keep track of them all. No wonder this deep dish delight is considered among the country’s finest; their special cooking process creates an irresistibly crunchy-chewy crust for an unparalleled bite!

This iconic pizza chain has been around for more than 70 years and still thrives with a stellar reputation for quality and consistency. Their signature Chicago-style pie boasts bubbly cheese layered between layers of crunchy tomato sauce. They also serve appetizers, calzones and sandwiches at this Chicago landmark!

Lou Malnati’s

Lou Malnati’s is the go-to spot in Chicago for those craving deep dish pizza, offering buttery yet flaky dough topped with cheese that melts perfectly while the signature dark crust caramelizes in the oven. While heavy when delivered, Lou Malnati’s offers something special that may prove intimidating for those unfamiliar with this style of pies.

Lou Malnati died in 1978, yet his family continued to expand the business. Today, there are 57 locations spread throughout Illinois and three other states, and the company remains committed to its local communities through support for neighborhood organizations as well as youth programs and cancer charities.

Lou Malnati’s is known for using fresh mozzarella cheese from Wisconsin dairy farms; their family has fostered an ongoing relationship to ensure they receive only premium-grade mozzarella. Furthermore, it comes sliced rather than shredded for easier spreading on pizzas.

Phil’s Pizza of Bridgeport, Illinois is renowned for their delicious tavern-style pizza topped with spicy little chunks of sausage. Fans attending Chicago White Sox games at Guaranteed Rate Field often flock here for lunch afterward!

Phil’s Pizza

Phil’s Tavern Pizza in Chicago is an exceptional place for pizza enthusiasts of all kinds to feast upon delicious deep dish pizza, though more discerning Chicagoans know there’s also the delicious tavern style options that Phil’s provides.

Phil’s is a no-frills counter service restaurant in Bridgeport that has been open for more than 50 years, specializing in tavern-style pizza with thin crust pies that feature gorgeous grease, thick sauce and blanket cheese coverage – perfect for solo diners looking to indulge in satisfyingly delicious pie while sipping cold bottles of Old Style beer!

Phil’s Pizza doesn’t shy away from experimenting with ingredients and styles, resulting in some of the most innovative pizzas around town – Marie’s Special features sausage, onion, and green pepper while their vegan calzone features Mike’s Hot Honey combined with mozzarella, red sauce, and ricotta for an unforgettable flavor experience.

Piece in Lincoln Park offers delectable but lighter options when it comes to pizza slices, with special collaborations from restaurants such as Hot Doug’s (now closed) to create signature specialty pies that you can build yourself or order as is.