6 Weird Restaurants Around the World

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When it comes to restaurants, we typically expect an enjoyable dining experience – but these odd restaurants around the world are defying expectations!

These eccentric restaurants take dining to new levels – from drinking out of a toilet bowl to being served by twin servers! These unique places take dining to another level.

Are You Up For An Extraordinary Dining Experience? Here Are 10 Weird Restaurants Around The World.

1. The Marton Theme Restaurant

Marton Theme Restaurant in Taiwan takes weird theme restaurants to an entirely new level with their toilet-themed decor and dishes shaped like western loo seats and Japanese “squat” toilets. As standard chairs at this establishment are colorful toilet seats with glass covers while looking at walls covered in neon lights from faucets or urinal-shaped lamps adorning their walls, customers flock here in droves for lunch.

One of the owners was inspired to open this restaurant by Dr. Slump from comic books who would enjoy his meals off a toilet seat. They initially sold only ice cream served in toilet-shaped containers – however their humorous approach has proven immensely popular and now have multiple locations nationwide.

2. The Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant

Cabbages and Condoms restaurant is an iconic Thai eatery with an unusual decor – life size mannequins dressed up as condoms are featured as decor throughout this enjoyable dining experience, which will make any visitor laugh. There is also a gift shop at this establishment where souvenirs may be purchased; profits from both meals served there, as well as sales of these souvenirs go to support Population and Community Development Association, an non profit organization dedicated to family planning, safe sex practices, HIV awareness and related causes.

This restaurant features an outdoor dining area and deck decorated with trees covered in fairy lights, while inside there are very interesting decorations such as lampshades covered in condoms; at the end of their meal diners receive condoms instead of mints as part of their gift!

Food was delicious and prices were competitive – this restaurant can be found in Sukhumvit area of Bangkok.

3. The Ice Restaurant

As its name implies, everything at this restaurant is constructed entirely out of ice, including walls, seating arrangements and even glasses you use to drink from. Staff outfit their guests in heavy parkas and gloves before entering this chilly space which features different themes each month. Ice carvers can also create custom sculptures based on corporate logos or products for private events.

Minus 5 Ice Bar in New York City is an absolute must-visit attraction, at only $20 per person guests can experience this winter wonderland and sip on cocktails from crystal clear ice glasses!

SnowVillage in Rovaniemi, Finland, is another must-visit attraction. According to Frommer’s, each year a new theme is chosen for this complex of icy guest suites and common areas.

4. The Monkey Restaurant

Midtown Manhattan restaurant featured as the backdrop for both Carrie Bradshaw and Don Draper’s cocktail-fuelled adventures in Sex and the City and Mad Men was originally frequented by free-spirited writers and tortured ad men alike. Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair editor acquired it and returned it to its glory days with private reservations line for those already knowing where it was located – its food ranges from pastas and steaks to french dip – all serviceable but certainly not mind-blowing!

The star attraction here, however, are the monkeys roaming the premises. These furry creatures with names like Kaoru Otsuka and George are owned by their owner as pets; they even serve diners when necessary! While they might not always provide five-star service, their mistakes are made up by offering extra bananas or soya beans as compensation!

5. The Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant is a Taiwanese eatery that takes bathroom themes to new levels. Bathtubs serve as tables while bedpans and other bedpan-shaped objects serve as serving utensils and bedpans are even used as serving utensils! According to blog post from One Step 4Ward, this unique eatery even serves food served in dishes shaped like squat toilets, with desserts placed within plastic urinals!

Their signature dish is a swirl of chocolate ice cream designed to resemble a toilet seat, while soup is served in toilet-shaped cups and beverages in plastic urinals.

Visit this restaurant if you want an unforgettable dining experience and laughs – but be prepared for a bit of extra expense due to their unusual cuisine – it might just be worth it as few places rival a restaurant themed after a squat toilet!

6. The Condom Restaurant

When choosing a restaurant, most diners consider the menu, drinks and atmosphere when making their selection. Few diners would choose a place like Bangkok’s Condom Restaurant run by Mechai Viravaidya (known as Mr. Condom) who founded it to promote safe sex and family planning as well as raise funds for PDA, an HIV/AIDS charity.

From the outside, the restaurant looks like any ordinary Thai eatery with twinkling lights and tables set out, but once inside they find themselves immersed in condoms – lampshades, statues, even uniformed mannequins have been constructed out of condoms!

Other restaurants have employed more controversial themes, like tiki bars with waitresses in hula skirts or rain forest cafes with palm trees; but this restaurant takes it a step further. While you enjoy your meal, look around and be amused by pictures of Tiger Woods holding his signature “Did You Use Your Condom?” sign and read kitschy posters making light of size issues.