Stuff in your life has a way of accumulating, doesn’t it? You inherit an antique dining set from your great-aunt Linda. You’re heavily invested in a decade-long Precious Moments figurine collection, and your kids have all the latest toys scattered about the house. Though you’re by no means what they call a hoarder, your living space is rapidly shrinking with every book and gadget you acquire. With every square foot you lose, you gain mental stress.

So what’s the solution to reclaiming living spaces in your home? Sure, saying goodbye to some of your stuff is one way to free up storage space, but this answer doesn’t help you when your belongings have real sentimental value. You can’t exactly get rid of everything for good!

For those objects that mean more than the space they take up, self storage is a practical solution. You get to remove items from your home that contribute to your home’s sense of claustrophobia but keep them in the safe haven of a secure and climate controlled facility that you can access at any time.

The self storage industry is growing quickly across North America, especially in cities like Toronto. The GTA isn’t unaffected, with many facilities popping up in Richmond Hill, North York, and Vaughn. As the industry grows, the choice between facilities becomes harder.

When it comes to Richmond Hill self storage can be trusted to the professionals at Abacus Self Storage. They guarantee the property is protected by secured gates, monitored alarms, and 24/7 surveillance. Unlike home storage which sometimes forces owners to stagger up basement stairs or stage Mission Impossible style assaults on attics, Abacus Self Storage in Richmond Hill offers easy and convenient access to your belongings.

Your possessions aren’t simply locked in a shed and forgotten, either. The company’s facilities are kept very clean and are patrolled by an on-duty manager. They also provide unparalleled climate control to prevent pests and humidity from damaging your prized possessions. Anyone who has suffered through attic roof leaks or basement floods will appreciate the benefits of an environmentally controlled interior.

Taking control of clutter doesn’t have to mean parting ways with your belongings. When you check out the self storage Richmond Hill home owners trust, you can keep that family heirloom without sacrificing space in your house. Remember that the next time you start to feel stressed as the sheer amount of stuff you own sinks in, and look up which unit size you’ll need to make room.