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What to Consider when Selecting New Shoes for Hiking

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Most important issue in the process of choosing new hiking shoes is to understand where you plan to go and what kind of terrain will be there. It is advised to rely on the roughest path you will have unless you want to get multiple pairs of hiking footwear with you. If you are not sure about this issue, you can simple go online and check reviews about a place you are heading to.

Furthermore, Walking on a Cloud Josef Seibel shoes distributor advises to figure out whether you will be only walking or carrying a backpack is also included into your plan. Pay attention to the terrain: easy, moderate, or strenuous difficulty. After considering these basics, you will have a general idea of what you need. For instance, for light no backpack several days hike a lightweight shoe with minimal support is what you need. If you will be facing moderate terrain or carry a moderate backpack load then a durable and waterproof shoe with good should be your choice. If you are planning a serious hike with strenuous terrain and some backpacking load, you should get additional support for your feet and keep in mind durability.

The next important point is your destination point. For example, if you are planning to go local where you will have an idea of terrain and weather conditions, then you can choose only one specific type of hiking shoes. In case you are not sure about your hiking plans, you should consider getting multifunctional shoewear for any kind of terrain and weather conditions. Professionals at this point advise paying attention to the necessity tread type: from semi-aggressive to very aggressive, shoe water resistance, and, of course, tongue designs.

And the final, but probably, one of the most important points in choosing the right shoes for hiking is to get a perfect fit. You can read thousands of reviews and hundreds of tips to choose the best hiking shoes in your life, but it will not mean anything if shoes simply do not fit you well. Shoe sizing in hiking shoes and boots works in the same way as it does in regular shoes. Pay attention not only to the actual size of a shoe, but also characteristics of its width (wide or narrow), its instep characteristics (especially if you have some specific requirements) and also comfort of the hill.  All these points must be checked when you are trying the shoe yourself, and not just by asking a shop assistant about them all.

When you are trying on new hiking shoes, make sure that you bring the socks you intend to hike with to get the perfect idea of the fit. Professionals from Walkingonacloud.com shop selling Mephisto shoes also advise to take any foot bed inserts that you may use in the new shoes. Then just try several pairs of shoes on and feel which ones are better. Make sure that you make several laps around the store in every pair to feel how they fit on your feet.